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One of the greatest benefits of renting a private home for your travel accommodations is the privacy that you will experience. Whether you’re seeking rest and relaxation or a little romance, renting a private home allows you to stay in unique locations with plenty of space and very little interruptions.

  Comforts of Home

  Customer Service
  Concierge Service
  Less Crowds
  Memories of Home

Our homes have fully equipped kitchens with private dining space (most with amazing views) which makes at home dining easy and cost efficient. We also provide you with laundry detergent and softener for your entire stay. We do not have any hidden costs or hidden fees. The price that you agree to pay upfront.


Our belief in trusted personal relationships drives us to deliver the best in travel experiences, before, during and long after your return home. Over the years, as we continue to learn more about you and how you like to travel, we ensure each experience is better than the next. From your pre-trip arrangements to the all-encompassing service of your on-site concierge, we’re committed to enhancing every stage of your travel experience.


As our guest, you will work closely with your very own dedicated Concierge who will get to know you and your family. She will learn your likes, dislikes, preferences, dream trips and even personal details like birthdays, anniversaries, favorite snacks and more. By knowing your travel goals and destination wish list, your ambassador is able to recommend and develop the perfect vacation recommendations for you, your family and friends.


Working closely with you and your Exclusive Ambassador, your concierge will help plan the detail of your on-site experience by creating an individualized itinerary for each Club vacation so all your arrangements are in place before you even arrive. Whether it’s stocking the pantry with family must-haves and indulgences, scheduling an in-residence chef or running a late-night errand, your concierge is there to make your vacation effortless, perfect, and uniquely yours.


The unmatched level of personal service we provide doesn't just come from our discerning tastes and meticulous attention to every detail, it also comes from how well we apply what we learn about your individual preferences to every Club vacation. It's the combination of the personal relationship you have with your Ambassador and the localized expertise of your concierges that makes every Exclusive Resorts vacation a custom creation. After all, when we understand who you are and what you're expecting from your vacation experiences, we can better tailor each Exclusive Resorts experience each time you travel with us.